Racist Graffiti Found at RMHS

On Wednesday morning, September 13th, a staff member reported that there was racist graffiti found written on one of the columns of the third floor in the A building at Reading Memorial High School.  There was no threat or harm written as part of the graffiti.  The graffiti was immediately removed and the incident has been reported to the Reading Police Department and it is currently under investigation.

As we have mentioned in previous communication to you over the last few months regarding other graffiti related incidences, there is no place for these types of hateful actions or behaviors in the Reading Public Schools or in our community.  Our High School Administration and staff have been working diligently to promote a culture that focuses on the Reading Memorial High School core values of respect and responsibility.  Beginning last year, and continuing into this year, the High School will hold grade level assemblies which focus on these topics.  Soon, the A World of Difference Club, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League will begin and lead the student response in creating a culture that promotes respect and embraces diversity.  At both the district and school level, we have forged a partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to provide training for our staff and students.  Recently, under the direction of Assistant Principal Tom Zaya, Reading Memorial High School received the MVP grant in partnership with the New England Patriots and the District Attorney’s Office which will provide training to our student leaders to promote anti-violence.

We will continue to use situations like today as teachable moments for our students and our community and help them understand the impact of these types of hateful actions and poor decisions.  Finally, we will continue to work closely with the Reading Police Department and the Town of Reading to address these and any future issues.

If you have any questions or information regarding this incident, please contact the Reading Police Department at 781-944-1212.

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