Pathways Newsletter for Week of May 8, 2017

Good Evening, Reading Public School Community,

We hope all is well and you are enjoying your weekend.  At the link below please find this week’s Pathways Newsletter.  In this week’s edition, there are several local articles including Town Meeting’s vote on the FY18 Budget, the Special Olympics which was held last week, the appointment of the RISE Preschool Director, recognitions received by the RMHS Boys Swim Coach and by the Barrows Food Service Manager, a heartwarming video, and an article on differentiation.  In addition, there are photos from several RMHS activities.

The month of May is a time designated as Teacher and Staff Appreciation Month.  It is a time when we thank our teachers and other school staff for the work that they do all year with other students. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we would like to share with you a video called, A World Without Teachers.  This short video (see link below) takes a moment to look back on the teachers in our lives and how they have shaped who we are.

Have a great rest of the weekend and week ahead!

Pathways Newsletter V3N33

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