School Committee Budget Presentations Begin Monday

On Monday, January 9th, the Reading School Committee will begin to hear presentations from Superintendent John Doherty on the FY18 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget.  The meeting schedule for January is as follows:

•         Monday, January 9 (Overview, Administration, and Regular Day Cost Centers)

•         Thursday, January 12 (Special Education and District Wide Services Cost Centers)

•         Thursday, January 19 (Public Hearing, Town and School Facilities, Questions)

•         Monday, January 23 (Questions and Discussion)

•         Thursday, January 26 (Scheduled School Committee Vote)

All meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the School Committee Conference Room at the Reading Public Schools Administration Offices.  When the School Committee votes in late January on the budget, it will become the School Committee budget, which is then presented to the Town Manager.  The Town Manager then presents a full Town budget to the Finance Committee which is within the available revenues for the Town.  The School Committee budget will be presented in March to the Finance Committee of the Town who votes whether to refer the budget as is to Town Meeting or refer with changes.  Town Meeting then has final approval authority.  By statute, Town Meeting can only vote the “bottom line” of the School Committee budget.  It may vote to increase or reduce the total dollar value, but it cannot specify the line item to which the increase or decrease is to be made.

Once the School Committee votes on the budget, the timeline for the next steps in the budget development process is summarized below.

FY’17 School Committee Budget Presentation to Finance Committee-March 15, 2017

Annual Town Meeting -April 24, April 27, May 1

On Tuesday, we will post copies of the Superintendent’s FY18 Recommended Budget on our Reading Public School media sites.  Copies of the budget document will be available at the Office of the Superintendent, the Reading Town Library, the main office of each school, and on the Reading Public School’s website at  For additional information or clarification, please feel free to contact the Central Office Administration for assistance at 781-944-5800 or by email at .

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