Rediker Plus Portal App Available

Rediker, our PlusPortal host, has mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices for parents and students. Both apps, ParentPlus and StudentPlus provide access to school announcements, alerts and the combined calendar. Most importantly, the apps enable quick and secure access to all the information on your portal pages. Parents and students have reported that this is very useful for keeping up with information.

The free apps are available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, the app will prompt you to register by entering your School Name. Our district school names are listed below. For example, if you use just enter ReadingHS to register. Parents will need to register each school for which they have PlusPortal access.

Arthur W. Coolidge Middle School – CoolidgeMS

Birch Meadow School – BirchMeadowES

J. Warren Killam School – KillamES

Joshua Eaton School – JoshuaEatonES

Reading Memorial High School – ReadingHS

Walter S. Parker Middle School – WSParkerMS

Wood End School – WoodEndES

RISE Preschool – RISEPreschool

Alice M. Barrows School – BarrowsES

If you have any questions, please contact the Instructional Technology Specialist for your child’s school.

Elementary:  Kathy Santilli (

Parker:          Meg Powers (

Coolidge:     Marcia Grant (

RMHS:  Janet Dee (

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