A Message from the Traffic and Safety Officer for the Reading Police Department

The following is a message from David Savio, the Traffic and Safety Officer for the Reading Police Department.

In an effort to maximize traffic safety town wide I wanted to keep everyone abreast of the aforementioned traffic safety advisory listed above. First, with the start of the school year, I have yielded many traffic complaints. This is particularly related to school traffic at the onset and outset of each school day. The list has been compiled for the shift officers, however since it is so extensive, some areas may not receive the requested coverage expeditiously. I am hoping that passing the information to the school community will be a positive measure to help drivers modify their own driving behaviors. The list of traffic concerns is pasted below:

1) Sunset Rock – Speed

2) Sunset Rock – Blocking driveways and blocking traffic circle

3) Parker – Parents not paying attention to do not enter signs at head of driveway from Temple Street

4) Speed – Birch Meadow Drive coming from Oakland Road

5) Haverhill Street – Speed in school zone

6) Haverhill Street at Symonds Way – Red light violations

7) Fox Run Lane – Improper parking at cul-de-sac

8) Shelby and Stuart – Time restricted do not enters

9) West, Willow, and Summer – Fail to yield to pedestrians

10) Auburn at Beacon – outset of school – Speed and failure to slow for intersection

Additionally, providing coverage for each and every school crossing post has been challenging. This is mostly due to illness and retirements. Currently, the Reading Crossing Guard unit has 19 posts. Most posts are two (1) hour assignments per day and other posts are three (1) hour assignments per day. This results in almost 8000 (1) hour posts per year.  Moreover, when additional posts become open, the shift officers are assigned to cover the open posts.  On any given day, staffing is appropriate and reasonable, but emergency calls take precedence over all other assignments and sometimes leaving school crossing posts unattended does occur.

The Reading Community has received a Gold Traffic Safety Award from AAA several years in a row, and it is communication and collaborations like these that help us maintain the highest level of safety.


Traffic and Safety Officer

David V. Savio

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