Community Financial Forum on September 1st to Discuss the Override

Last spring, School and Town leadership conducted a series of Community Listening Meetings, where residents and businesses gathered to hear an update on the town’s financial condition, and voice their opinions about what levels of service they desire.

This past summer, elected Boards and senior management worked together to come up with solutions to the shortfall in financial resources available to provide desired service levels. In mid-August the Board of Selectmen called for a Special Town Meeting on September 12th to discuss Senior Tax Relief and the financial condition of the town; and a Special Election on October 18th to ask the voters for a $7.5 million Override of Proposition 2-1/2. This would be the first such Override request in about 13 years.

On September 1st the community is invited back to a Financial Forum at 7pm in the RMHS Performing Arts Center. At this meeting you will hear presentations from the School and Town leadership on the proposed solutions to maintain existing service levels that you requested, to restore a modest amount of previous budget reductions, and why this Override should reasonably be expected to last at least until 2025.

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