Elementary Science Curriculum Update

As you may know, this year we began reviewing and updating our Science curriculum by piloting the KnowAtom curriculum in all Grade 5 classrooms—as well as in several selected classrooms at other grade levels. This spring we have also been in the process of exploring next steps and reviewing feedback on the program—including student data from other districts who had previously adopted the program. If you have not had the opportunity to review KnowAtom materials, each elementary school is making sample resources available in the main office from May 24-May 31, and elementary school parents are welcome to stop in and look through the materials. Any feedback can of course be shared with the building principal and/or Craig Martin, Assistant Superintendent.

As you may also know, the 2016 MA Standards for Science and Technology/Engineering are now adopted by the DESE, and the state Framework (PreK-12) is complete. Information about STEM standards and the process for developing the state Framework can be found at this link:


. . . and the new Framework itself can be accessed as a PDF file here:

Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework, April 2016


Please feel free to review this information as well.

On Monday night (May 22), Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching Craig Martin and staff will be presenting an update to the School Committee on the Science Curriculum.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Patrick A. Schettini Jr. Library at Reading Memorial High School.

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