A Letter from RMLD

The following message is from Reading Municipal Light Department.  The Reading Public Schools is partnering with RMLD in their LED’s Save Energy Campaign and a chance for our schools to win $2,000 towards the purchase of ENERGY STAR equipment.  Here is their note to you:

Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) invites you to participate in its LED’s Save Energy Campaign, which encourages school families to do their part to help change the world, one energy saving step at a time.  Help us do this by switching to ENERGY STAR LED lightbulbs. RMLD offers 19 varieties of LED bulbs and several energy efficient power strips for 50% off the retail cost on its online store at www.rmld.com.

We are kicking off our efforts today with the 24 schools in Reading, North Reading, Wilmington and Lynnfield by notifying the school families of our Campaign. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs resulting in saving money on your electric bill.  The schools whose families purchase the most LED bulbs or power strips through our online store from January 15 through April 15 will win up to a $2,000 rebate towards the purchase of  ENERGY STAR appliances or electrical equipment of their choice.  LEDs work together!  There will be a winning school from each town.

Simply go to www.rmld.com, click online store, select your items and check off your school during your check-out process. The school that receives the most credits will win the $2,000 rebate, so be sure to support your school.

LED’s Save Energy!!

If you have any questions, please contact Priscilla Gottwald, Public Relations Manager for the Reading Municipal Light Department at 781-942-6419 or pgottwald@rmld.com




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