Community Forum Presentations

Over the last few weeks, the Reading Public Schools has made presentations on the results and findings from last Spring’s Community Forums and other connected data.  The purpose of these presentations have been to report out to the parent community and staff the data from a variety of sources that give a picture of our school district.  This data and the findings from the data help us understand the strengths and areas to strengthen in our school district.  Our schools and the district will be using this data for our school and district improvement plans, as well as prepare for the FY17 budget.  It will also help us answer the questions, What do we want our schools to look like in the next two years and beyond?

The presentations have focused on the feedback and data from the following sources:

  • Community Forums (May/June)
    • 4 Forums (Barrows, Birch Meadow, Coolidge, RMHS)
      • 110 Participants
      • Barrows-15
      • Birch Meadow-23
      • Coolidge-30
      • RMHS-42
    • Staff Forums (May/June)
      • 9 Forums (Each school, including RISE Preschool)
      • 215 participants
  • Walker Associates Special Education Report (March-June)
  • RPS Student Survey (Administered in February/March)
  • RPS Staff Survey (Administered in January)
  • 2015 MCAS Data
  • Staff Exit Interview Information
  • Some YRBS Data (Full Presentation on October 19th)
  • District “Rankings” from Other Publications
  • Other Documents and Presentations

The complete presentation is attached below.  Over the next several weeks, we will hold additional presentations to staff and the community to keep all stakeholders informed of our direction as a school district.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question on this blog or email/call the Reading Public Schools Administration Offices.

Community and Staff Forum Presentation

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