State Release of Student Assessment Data

State Release of Student Assessment Data

An Update from the Assistant Superintendent for Learning & Teaching

MCAS results released

As you may know, the Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) released statewide data for last spring’s MCAS testing earlier in the week.  Today, the DESE has now also released individual school and district results.  These results include the Science and Technology/Engineering scores for all levels (elementary, middle, high), as well as the English Language Arts and Mathematics data for Reading Memorial High School.  As last year’s 10th graders were in middle school when we began realigning to the new state frameworks and represent the first class to take the high school MCAS since implementing curriculum changes in Math and ELA, we were especially interested to see the high school results.

PARCC results and accountability determinations to be released later this fall

While the state has released preliminary statewide results for last spring’s PARCC assessments, they have announced that communities can expect school and district results later this fall.  (School and district accountability determinations will also be announced most likely by November.)  At that time, when a complete overview is possible, each elementary and middle school (as well as the district) will review and present for the community all the available student assessment data.  Even though the data is not complete, however, we did not want to wait to provide the results that have been released to the district thus far.

Some initial findings

  • In Mathematics, 92% of Reading high school students scored Proficient/Advanced, with 74% now at the Advanced This also represents our historically largest percentage of high school students in the moderate to high growth range for Math (64%), resulting in our highest median SGP (54.5) for high school math since the state began reporting Student Growth Percentiles in 2008.
  • In English Language Arts, 98% of our high school students scored in the Proficient/Advanced range—which includes RMHS’s highest percentage scoring at the Advanced level (69%) since the state began MCAS testing.
  • As we continue to review and address the accountability data for the Joshua Eaton Elementary School, we are pleased to see that 78% of Eaton students scored Proficient or Advanced in Science (a 25% increase over last year).
  • In Science, 86% of high school students scored in the Proficient/Advanced Overall for the district, however, it is apparent that the vertical alignment and updating of our Science curriculum (which began last year) must continue as a priority at the elementary and middle levels.

While we are certainly pleased with some of the initial indicators, we are continuing to review and improve the curriculum, instruction, and assessment in all content areas and grade levels, including Math, ELA, and of course Science as mentioned.  We look forward as well to reviewing the rest of our student data when it is received later this fall. The DESE reports that individual student reports for MCAS have also been shipped to districts, and so parents/guardians can expect to receive those soon.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your school Principal or the district administration offices.

The attached tables provide an overview of the district assessment information that we have received to date.

Or click on the below link to access this information online:

Further information regarding the state results for the 2015 MCAS can be accessed at this link:

2015 MCAS Scores

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