MCAS and PARCC Timelines

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education met to review MCAS and preliminary PARCC results, as well as, begin discussions that will lead to a decision on which state assessment will be used for the Spring, 2016 administration.  The timeline for the decision on the State Assessment (PARCC or MCAS) and the release of the MCAS and PARCC results is listed below:

  • September 21st (Yesterday)-Board of Education Meeting
    • There was an overview presentation of PARCC and MCAS
    • State Level Results from Both PARCC (Preliminary) and MCAS were released
  • September 24th or 25th-MCAS Results Released
    • For Reading this means that the Grade 5, 8, 9 Science and the Grade 10 Mathematics and ELA MCAS results will be released.  Once the results have been released, we will be sending out some information regarding our school results.
    • Since the High School results will be complete, the High School will be doing a presentation in the upcoming weeks.  Principal Bakr will be communicating the date of that meeting.
    • We will have Grade 5 and 8 Science MCAS and Grade 3-8 PARCC presentations by school once the PARCC results for Grades 3-8 are released in November.
    • Individual MCAS Reports will be shipped to our district.  Once we receive them, we will send them out to families approximately one week after we receive the results.
  • October 19/20-Board of Education Meetings with more PARCC/MCAS results and discussion
  • Late October/Early November
    • Final PARCC Statewide Results will be released
    • PARCC District and School Results will be released
    • Accountability Results for all districts and schools will be released
  • Early November-Commissioner will give a recommendation on the Spring, 2016 State Assessment to Board of Education
  • November 16-Final Public Hearing on Commissioner’s Recommendation on the State Assessment
  • November 17-Board of Education votes on Commissioner’s Recommendation
  • December-PARCC Individual Student Reports shipped to districts
  • December 14/15-Board of Education Meetings:  If PARCC is adopted, discussion on High School test and competency determination.  If PARCC is not adopted, there will be a discussion of possible changes and upgrades to MCAS.

We will update you when more information becomes available.  Please contact your child’s building principal or the Reading Public Schools Administration Offices if you have any questions.

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