RCASA Film Showing on Opioid Use on September 30

The Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse, Mystic Valley Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative of Massachusetts, and their supporters will be presenting a Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Millennium Health, and WAHL St. production of “IF ONLY”, free of charge. Co-written by James Wahlberg and Michael Yebba and filmed in Tewksbury, including local residents, with production assistance from Marc Ginsberg of the Tewksbury Country Club. The short movie follows the story of two teenage boys who experiment with and become addicted to opioids. The intent of the creators is to educate young people on how quickly drug use can spiral into addiction. Appropriate for ages 12 and up. Join us, guest speakers, and a Q+A panel of professionals during National Recovery Month, September 30th, at Jordan’s Furniture IMAX theater, 7-9pm. Because of seating capacity, reservations are necessary at http://bit.ly/rcasa or call RCASA at 781-942-6756.

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