Summer Capital Project Updates and First Modular Classroom Arrival

Good Afternoon,

We hope that you are enjoying the summer months.  This post is an update on the three major Capital Projects that are underway at our schools this summer.  These projects are being closely monitored by our Owner’s Project Manager who has been assigned to each project, our Director of Facilities, Kelly Colon, our Director of Finance and Operations, Martha Sybert, and Assistant DPW Director Joe Huggins, who is also overseeing the Library Project.  For each project, there is a weekly construction meeting, as well as, onsite supervision by our Owner’s Project Manager.

Here is a summary of the different projects:

  1. Eaton/Parker roof-The bulk of this project was the full replacement of the Joshua Eaton roof, subsequent masonry work and a smaller amount of roof replacement and masonry repair occurring only above the multipurpose room at Parker.  This project is on schedule.  Barring any major weather issues, this project is scheduled to be completed on budget and well before the start of school.
  1. RMHS Retaining Wall-This project is also progressing on schedule. Barring any major weather issues, this project is also scheduled to be completed on budget prior to the start of school.
RMHS Retaining Wall

                    RMHS Retaining Wall

  1. Modular Classrooms-The updates by school are as follows:
  • Killam-Killam is progressing along the furthest at this point.  The foundations have been poured and the utilities will all be connected by tomorrow.  The modular classroom arrived today from New York (see photos).
Killam Modular 1

 Modulars Arriving at Killam Earlier Today

Killam Modular 3

Killam Modular 7

  • Barrows-Foundation pouring began earlier this week. Unfortunately, we also had torrential rain on the day of the initial foundation pouring and the foundation work was not completed.  The foundation work should be completed by Monday at the latest.  The modular classroom left Pennsylvania yesterday and should arrive at Barrows early next week.
  • Joshua Eaton-Excavation work will begin shortly with the foundation pouring finishing next week.  The modular is leaving Pennsylvania early next week and will arrive either late next week or early the following week.

We continue to anticipate that students will be in their temporary classrooms in the gymnasiums of each school until mid to late September, depending on the school.  With the current schedule, Killam will be completed first, following by Barrows, then Joshua Eaton.

We are beginning to set up the temporary classrooms in the gymnasiums at each schools.  Teachers and staff are beginning to move furniture and materials into those spaces.  Those classrooms will be ready in plenty of time for kindergarten families to visit prior to the start of school. Our Building Principals will be communicating more information to Kindergarten parents as we get closer to the school year.

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