Modular Classroom Update

We hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer.  The purpose of this blog post is to update you on the modular classroom construction at Killam, Barrows and Joshua Eaton.  Over the last several weeks, I have been kept updated by Director of Finance and Operations Martha Sybert, Director of Facilities Kelly Colon, and our Owner’s Project Manager, Gale Associates.  There have been weekly construction meetings which have discussed the timeline of the project, including when the modular classrooms would reach substantial completion and be ready for our students.

Although there were some delays early in the process, we were reassured by the contractor that the project could be completed by the agreed upon substantial completion date of August 24th.  Recently however, it became evident that this timeline was not attainable.   There have been several delays in the project, including the submission, re-submission and final approval of construction and foundation design plans, some unexpected delays during excavation at Killam and Barrows, and delays in the transit of the modular classrooms from Pennsylvania.  Therefore, due to these delays, the modular classrooms will not be completed by the end of August.  In conversations with our Owner’s Project Manager, it is now expected that the modular classrooms will be completed for occupancy by mid to late September.

In anticipation of the delayed completion date, we are making plans for temporary classroom space for our kindergarten students at their assigned elementary school.   In the next 48 hours, Principals Eric Sprung, Cathy Giles, and Heather Leonard will be communicating to their school communities the specific details of those classroom spaces.

We are certainly disappointed with this latest information that we have received, and we will work diligently to assure that our kindergarten students and families will have a smooth transition to their new school.  As we move forward, our building principals will be keeping you updated on the progress of the modular construction at your school and all current information regarding the start of the school year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Reading Public Schools Administration offices or your building principal.


John F. Doherty

Superintendent of Schools

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