This I Believe: Final Reflections From Our Senior Class

For the last seven years, all seniors at Reading Memorial High School have ended their English Language Arts experience in the Reading Public Schools by completing a common writing assignment, a This I Believe essay. This I Believe, a national non-profit organization that encourages individuals from all walks of life to compose and submit short essays of personal belief. The website serves as an archive and showcase of fine reflective writing from a diverse sample of citizens. Many of the essays are presented on National Public Radio as audio recordings featuring the voices of the authors.

The Reading Memorial High School English Department has their own wiki space,, which contains seven years’ worth of This I Believe essays. The essays here collected were recognized by the students themselves as the finest essays from across our many sections of English 12. The authors graciously agreed to create recordings of their respective essays.  The 2015 essays are found at  A special thanks goes to the Reading Memorial High School English Department, under the direction of Department Chair Mike Sweeney for compiling these essays.

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