Birch Meadow Associate Principal Announced

The Reading Public Schools is pleased to announce that Patti Beckman has been selected to be the associate principal at Birch Meadow for the 2015-2016 school year.  Mrs. Beckman has been a grade 1 teacher at Birch Meadow for the past 11 years.  Prior to teaching first grade she worked as a tutor at Birch Meadow.   She will work closely with current Birch Meadow Principal Eric Sprung as a team to lead Birch Meadow while Mr. Sprung assumes the role of Principal at Joshua Eaton during the 2015-16 school year. While Mr. Sprung will continue as the principal of the school, Mrs. Beckman will manage the day to day routines and leadership.

Along with her teaching responsibilities, Mrs. Beckman demonstrated wonderful leadership as the assistant principal during the past four years.  Patti led the Birch Meadow Student Council, ran charitable donation campaigns such as Pennies for Patience and Coats for Kids, developed a safety monitor program, served on the school’s MTSS (leadership) team, managed movie nights and school-wide programs, led staff meetings, mentored new teachers, presented to school committee, planned Blue Ribbon programs, supported the development of schedules and budget planning, and has recently been chosen to lead the district mentoring program. Patti is completing the final steps of her certification to be a school principal.  All of these experiences will be relevant as she takes on the associate principal responsibilities.

Patti is the parent of three children that graduated from Reading Memorial High School.  Along with being a town resident, she served on Town Meeting and was the president of the Reading Memorial High School Parents Drama Club.

As part of the transition, this week, Mrs. Beckman and Mr. Sprung will visit all students in their classrooms to introduce themselves as the two principals who will lead Birch Meadow next year.  Students will be told that Mrs. Beckman and Mr. Sprung will work together to make sure Birch Meadow is still a great school.  Students will hear how Mrs. Beckman will be working in the office next year and they will see her every day.  Lastly, all students will know that the teamwork approach will be for one year and Mr. Sprung will be in the office the following year (2016-2017) as their only principal.

Please join the Reading Public Schools as we congratulate Mrs. Beckman on her appointment as Associate Principal.

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