Reading Education Foundation Announces 2015 Grant Awards

The Reading Education Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s awards totaling $40,117.17 and impacting every school in the district. Please join us in congratulating this year’s recipients.


Rockets Help Desk: Provide hardware and software to expand the reach of this worthwhile student-run technology integration group.  RHD provides support to both students and faculty across the district, solving real world problems in the school setting and creating media to teach the public. Grant proposed by Kerry Gallagher


Reading in the 21st Century: Through the purchase of additional iPads,7th and 8th Grade Coolidge students will have increased access to digital text and beneficial accompanying analysis software. Grant proposed by Laura Warren

Introducing…A Stage You can Actually See: By installing a pair of large-screen LCDs, approximately 200 seats in Parker’s auditorium balcony will now have visual access to the stage. This will afford a dramatically-improved experience during school and community events. This will allow students, parents and community members to actively participate in existing events and include enrichment programs and events that previously could not be held in the space. (Partial Funding) Grant proposed by Connie Quackenbush

Interactive Projector for Coolidge 6th Grade Special Education: Projector provides technology that will improve the learning environment by allowing students to work collaboratively, participate in kinesthetic and tactile learning, and be fully- engaged during lessons. Grant proposed by Margaret Guilbert

Parker on the GO: The use of GoPro Cameras will spark students’ natural curiosity, creativity and sense of fun. The program will promote collaborative learning and support home-school communication.  Grant proposed by Meg Powers

Eating With a Social Conscience: Coolidge 8th grade students will expand their social awareness and develop a better understanding of where and how food makes it to there table through reading and related interdisciplinary projects about the plight of the migrant worker. Grant proposed by Team Polaris, Mary Anne Cuscuna


History Alive!:  This extended pilot program of online enrichment resources for grades 3-5 will enhance the social studies experience district-wide.  Through the use of technology, project-based learning, music and the arts (role-play and games), this common-core aligned program with its online interactive components and teacher resources makes learning truly “an experience”.  Grant proposed by Jennifer Emmett-Conrad

Numeracy is the New Literacy: This program will provide professional development with a hands-on workshop for up to 30 math teachers across the district in effective strategies and approaches to instilling meaningful numeracy in young students. Grant proposed by Nancy Bentley

Outside the Classroom Walls: This grant provides initial funding towards a multi-year plan to create an outdoor learning and play space on the Barrows campus. Funding will include providing mobile planter beds that will support first and second grade curriculum areas. Grant proposed by Heather Leonard

We would like to thank the Reading Education Foundation for their continued support of our schools.  This foundation has consistently supported innovative grants over the last several years.  Congratulations to all of the staff who received this year’s awards!

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