Coolidge Science Olympiad Team Information and Yard Sale


Coolidge Science Olympiad 2

A.W. Coolidge Middle School Science Olympiad Team Placed First in the Massachusetts State Science Olympiad Competition.

Reading, MA, March 16, 2015 – The A.W. Coolidge Science Olympiad Team won first place in the Massachusetts Middle School Science Olympiad State Competition at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. This is the 22nd year they have earned the honor of representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the National Science Olympiad Competition, which will take place at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln on May 15-16, 2015.

The Massachusetts Science Olympiad offers middle school students the opportunity to compete with their peers in science and engineering events. This year, 30 middle schools participated in the competition, which consisted of 23 events covering a diverse array of science and engineering content and process skills. Events this year included Elastic Launch Gliders – Construction of a light weight glider propelled by elastic, students launch gliders from floor level and are scored based on consistent timed flight; Meteorology—using scientific process skills to address severe storm topics such as supercell thunderstorms, mesoscale convective complexes, derechos, and dust storms; Anatomy – learning about the integumentary and nervous systems and how aging and specific diseases affect them; and Can’t Judge a Powder – using laboratory chemistry techniques to perform experiments on an unknown powder in preparation for answering questions about the powder.

This year 30 dedicated students comprise the A.W. Coolidge Science Olympiad Team and have united in their love of science. Each team member has contributed to the success of the team and maintained the reputation of hard work and sportsmanship for which the team has become known. Congratulations go out to eighth graders Kieran DeLacy, Lacey Douglass, Yolanda Jarrin, Matthew O’Halloran, Helly Patel, Jahnavi Patel, William Qiu, Barry Richter, Justin Wang, and Kelly Ward; seventh graders Nick Brown, Youngwon Choi, Tyler Gonick, Nick Luikey, Amogh Morje, Sarah Murphy, Jeffrey Pan, Jeremy Rosh, Ben Rotstein, Somil Singh, and Matthew Smith; sixth graders Henry Bresnahan, Katherine Growney, Will Merry, Tara Parsons, Gavin Pu, Michael Rogers, Ava Serrano, Kevin Upton, Brendan Wilcox.  Both the regular and alternate teams won their respective divisions.  Collectively the regular team, made up of eighth and seventh graders, placed in 20 out of 22 events with nine gold medals, four silver, five bronze, and three 5th place finishes in the Massachusetts Olympiad.  The alternate team, made up of seventh and sixth graders, won with thirteen 1st place ribbons, four 2nd place ribbons, and four 3rd place ribbons.


Coolidge Science Olympiad 1

This year’s team is led by Head Coach Karawan Meade, a former team member, with the support of Coolidge science teachers John McCarthy and Jerald Coyne, and a team of volunteer coaches who are parents, teachers, community members, and high school student team alumni.

The Coolidge Science Olympiad Team relies on a variety of events throughout the year as well as donations ( to raise funds to cover operating expenditures. Upcoming events include the annual community-wide yard sale, which will be held this year on Saturday May 2 (see flyer) at the A.W. Middle School in Reading, MA, and our direct mail campaign. The A.W. Coolidge Science Olympiad Team gratefully acknowledges the overwhelming support shown by the community throughout the past 22 years.

The Coolidge Science Olympiad Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible. For more information about the team and upcoming team events, or to make a donation, please visit

2015_donation_flyer front+Back for student distribution

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