Reading Educators Recognized

We are pleased to announce that two Reading Educators, RMHS Physics and Engineering Teacher Steve Cogger and RMHS Social Studies Teacher Kerry Gallagher have been recently recognized for their work and efforts in our schools.

Cogger Article picture

The iSense tool used in the project.

Steve Cogger, who is a physics and a PhD student in STEM Education at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, was recently published in the February Issue of The Science Teacher Magazine, for his work on recreating the traditional carbon ticker tape lab with a Human Ticker Tape Lab that uses a SMART Phone App and GPS devices.  The article, Doing the Data Walk, Ticker Tapes for the 21st Century Physics Student, describes how students in the Human Ticker Tape lab, examine data patterns that they created and collected on the RMHS Football Field. After the outdoor activity, they analyze patterns created by their lab group and the other groups in class. Students can observe different patterns and provide evidence for causality in their explanations of their data. You can access the article below.

Cogger Science Teacher Article

Gallagher School Committee

Kerry Gallagher presenting at a recent School Committee meeting.

RMHS Social Studies Teacher Kerry Gallagher has been recently notified that she will be joining a panel of other distinguished educators at the Personalized Learning Symposium at Stanford University in late March.  This Symposium explores current trends in personalized and online learning research and best practices for digital curriculum and blended learning implementation.  Kerry will be joined on the panel with Roger Cook, Superintendent of Schools for the Taylor County School District in Campbellsville, Kentucky. and Brandon Phenix, Director of Blended Learning at ReNEW Schools in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The panel discussion will focus on the 50 States Project that the Reading Public Schools and Kerry’s classroom were a part of over the past year.  You can read about the 50 States Project here, including an article that she wrote as part of the project.  While at Stanford, Kerry will also have the opportunity to work with the people who are involved in the Stanford History Education Group, an ongoing research group for students across the university interested in issues of how history is taught and learned.

Congratulations to both of our educators for their well deserved recognition and for the work that they do for students.

2 thoughts on “Reading Educators Recognized

  1. Two amazing teachers that my son has been lucky to have! Congratulations to Reading Public Schools for keeping and inspiring excellent educators.

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