Level 3 Sex Offender Notification from North Reading Police Department

The North Reading Police Department has released information under M.G.L. c. 6, §§ 178C-178Q, that a Level 3 Sex Offender has recently moved into their Town.    We have attached the notification flier for your information.  Please note that this person is not living in Reading, but lives in proximity to the Reading/North Reading town line.

The individual who appears on this notification has been designated as a Level 3 Sex Offender by the Sex Offender Registry Board. The Board has determined that this individual is at a high risk to reoffend and that the degree of dangerousness posed to the public is such that a substantial public safety interest is served by active community notification.  The individual is currently not wanted by the police.

If you have any concerns about this individual, please contact the Reading Police Department immediately at 781-944-1212.  Do not contact this person directly.

This is a good opportunity to have conversations with your child about what to do when confronted by a stranger.  Here are some suggestions for discussion:

  • Encourage your children to travel with other trustworthy children. Make a point to get to know who your children are with. Write down their names, addresses and phone numbers, and familiarize yourself with their parents whenever possible. If you allow your children to visit a friend’s home, meet the family first to make sure you are comfortable with the supervision and the environment.
  • Make sure your children know what to do if they are confronted by a stranger. Children should keep their distance from strangers and not allow strangers to get close enough to grab them. Generally speaking, children should be taught to say no to a stranger’s request or advance. Children should quickly get away from the stranger, and should tell a responsible adult what happened.
  • Take an interest in your children’s daily travels and activities. Map out safe, well-traveled routes for your children to follow. Don’t allow children to take short cuts or make unnecessary stops along the way.
  • Teach children how to anticipate and avoid potential hazards and dangers. Prevention is always the first and most important element of personal safety and self-defense. This is especially true for children because most children are too small to physically overpower an adult or older teenager.
  • Teach your children to obey all traffic safety rules and regulations. Make sure you set a good example for them.
  • Teach your children the tricks that strangers may use to get them into cars or follow them to other areas. These tricks may include offers of candy or money, asking for help in finding a lost pet, asking for directions and then pulling them into a car, or saying they were sent by a parent to pick them up. Parents and children should agree on a secret password in case parents have to send someone else to pick them up.

Sex Offender Registry Board

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