Lida Winfield presents “In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic”

On Wednesday, April 16th at 7:00 p.m. in the William E. Endslow Performing Arts Center at RMHS, don’t miss Lida Winfield’s moving one-hour performance based on her experience growing up with a learning disability.  In this unique presentation, dancer, choreographer, spoken word artist, and educator, Lida Winfield shares the gift and heartache that accompanied her struggle to read, which did not occur until her early twenties.  This innovative performance is a mixture of funny, sad, and ironic vignettes woven together in a creative and captivating format that explores the issues of disability, access, and the value of hands on learning.  Lida’s presence on stage clearly expresses her life experiences in order to bring us closer to our own and to those of the students in our schools.  Lida is currently touring her performance In Search of Air: Growing up Dyslexic to many universities and education conferences around the country.  Her poignant performances invariably cause her audience to laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously.

Please join us for this community presentation!

LidaWinfield Poster community performance

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