Our Students Shine at the Special Olympics

For the last seven years, the Reading Public Schools has been a major participant in the annual Special Olympics event which is held at McDonald Stadium in Malden, Massachusetts.  This year was no different as on Thursday, May 5, Reading sent 39 athletes, the most ever, from Barrows, Wood End, Birch Meadow, Coolidge, and RMHS to participate in a series of track and field events.  The spirit and enthusiasm by our athletes and their supporters was incredible.   We even had one student who has participated in all seven years that Reading has been a part of this event!

Below are some photos which highlight the day.

Special thanks goes out to Barrows Elementary Teacher Tara Herlihy for coordinating the event and giving the Reading student athletes the opportunity to participate.  We would also like to thank the following Reading staff for supervising and supporting the students on that day:  Janet Williams, Christine Underwood, Kristen Ash, Katy Parsons, Robin Irwin, Barbara Marsden, Mike Shaw, Susan Wilkinson, Christine DiFillipo, Darcy Hildreth, Maria Arthur, Marion Murphy, Cara Connelly, Susan O’Leary, Tara Herlihy, Jenette Leonard, Lesley Scully, Jen Kobrenski, John Moynah, Joan Lavoie, Kathy Crowley, Tom Haverty, Judy Cianciolo, Alysia Redard, Leslie Smith, Sharon O’Brien, Alicia Borseti, Arline Shea, Jane Roberts, Emily LaMontagne, Kyra Johnson, Paula DiMambro, Janelle Boutin, Stefanie Scaglione, and Marjie Roache.

Congratulations to all 39 students who represented Reading.  You are all winners!

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