Superintendent’s Transition Plan Released

At Monday evening’s Reading School Committee meeting, the Superintendent’s Transition Plan was presented to the School Community.  A copy of the Transition Plan and the School Committee Presentation are linked in this blog.   As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Transition Plan Process involved over 700 school and community members, including parents, teachers, administrators, students, town officials, and local citizens.  In addition, an online survey provided an additional 130 respondents.

The transition plan tells a story of the Reading Public Schools and helps explain the answers to three questions:

·         Where are we?

·         Where do we need to go?

·         How will we get there?

This plan will assist our school district in developing a future direction for the Reading Public Schools.  

It should be noted that these recommendations are based upon the input of all of the stakeholders who participated in the process.  The data collected identified common themes in the responses which resulted in the recommendations stated in the plan.  The next steps in this process is to take the recommendations outlined in the plan and build a timeline for when those recommendations should get accomplished.

Any thoughts on the plan are welcome and encouraged.

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