Where Engineering Meets Medicine-The Lego Challenge

Last Saturday, over 90 Reading Middle and Elementary students participated in the third annual Reading Science and Engineering/First Lego Teams Competition.  This competition is based on the guidelines provided annually by First Lego League, a world wide organization that has been existence for the last 11 years.  Each year presents a different challenge to the students as they create both a Lego Mindstorms Engineering solution to a problem and give a presentation that focuses on that particular theme.  This year’s theme is called the 2010 Body Forward™ Challenge, where First Lego League teams will explore the cutting-edge world of Biomedical Engineering to discover innovative ways to repair injuries, overcome genetic predispositions, and maximize the body’s potential, with the intended purpose of leading happier and healthier lives.

The Reading competition is run entirely by volunteers with some logistical support from the Reading Public Schools.  Teams begin practicing in the fall for the competition.  This year, there were 13 teams, 90 students, and 32 coaches.  Seven of the 32 coaches were high school students who have a keen interest in physics, biomedicine, and engineering.

Each school is led by a volunteer coordinator who provides logistical support to the teams at that school.  Those coordinators are as follows:

Andrea Manning-Barrows

Kerry Lewis-Birch Meadow

Vito Politano at Killam

Kristin Kinsella-Wood End

Wendy Coughlin-Parker

Dianne Meyers-Coolidge

The entire Reading First Lego League organization is led by David Ventola, who started the program in Reading three years ago. 

Below are some pictures from last Saturday’s competition.  The Reading Public Schools is grateful for the support of this volunteer organization in providing this high quality STEM opportunity for our elementary and middle school students.

If you have any questions about the First Lego League, please contact David Ventola at dpventola@comcast.net.

One thought on “Where Engineering Meets Medicine-The Lego Challenge

  1. I think the Lego program has been a fabulous addition these last three years. I appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers and the schools to support this. My son Connor has participated all three years and learned many things from this – programming, planning, presentation skills and teamwork! We are fortunate to live in a town that supports/promotes initiatives like this. Thank you.

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