See Race to Nowhere on Tuesday

On Tuesday, January 25, the Reading Public Schools will be sponsoring a showing of the documentary, Race to Nowhere, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Reading Memorial High School Fine and Performing Arts Center.  This documentary, which is being shown across the country discusses the anxiety and stress that our children are under in today’s society.  It looks at the culture of competition that has been created to be the best in everything that we do and how that mindset has put a toll on this generation of children.   The Washington Post  portrays the film “as a quiet counterpoint to the better-known “Waiting for ‘Superman,’ ” which focuses on failing urban schools. “Race to Nowhere” explores a different problem, the strains of competing in a pressure-packed academic culture that is highly test-driven and pushes some students to the edge.”

 The trailer is below.

Tickets are available online for $10 and at the night of the film showing for $15.  All ticket proceeds help to defray the cost of the film.  An open dialogue will follow the screening and all are welcome and encouraged to participate in the conversation as we build our community around our students.  For more information, resources, or to purchase tickets for this film please visit the website at

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