A Celebration of Our Students and Educators

On Saturday, November 6th, the Reading School Committee had the opportunity to listen to several community members who presented their nominations for the naming of different parts of our schools.  As part of the new school committee policy on the Naming of Facilities or Places Within Or On School Property, nominations are accepted annually in the fall and each nominating group has 10 minutes to present at a School Committee meeting.  This meeting gave the community the opportunity to present why educators and community members were nominated.  Over 30 community members attended the meeting.  The following  people were nominated:

John Hollingsworth Field

William Endslow Performing Arts Center

Veteran’s Memorial and Hal Croft Athletic Stadium

Hal Croft Track

Thomas Darrin Wrestling Room

Charlotte Harlan Library or Playground at Barrows Elementary School

Cutcliffe Field

Patrick A. Schettini, Jr. Library Media Center

Patrick A. Schettini, Jr. Performing Arts Center

Kevin McCarthy Memorial

Phil Vaccaro Field

Each of the nominating groups did an outstanding job articulating why the nominee was worthy of such an honor.  It was evident from each of the presentations that a significant amount of thought went into each submission.  Community members talked about the positive effect nominees had on the community or on Reading students.  One person called the nominees, “legends”, who have made a significant impact on the students of the Reading Public Schools.  A common thread that existed among the educators who were nominated were that they taught life lessons about sportsmanship, respect, appreciation for differences, and work ethic.  It was evident from the stories that were told that the nominees had a positive impact on the lives of children.

The committee also received nominations for people that were not educators.  One community member asked the committee if they would consider recognizing a memorial to remember the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001.  Kevin McCarthy, one of the nominees, was a graduate of Reading Memorial High School who lost his life on September 11th in the World Trade Center in New York.  The citizen suggested creating an outside garden area with a plaque and seating that would appropriately honor those victims of the attacks.

Overall, it was a very positive experience and it speaks volumes to the quality of educators and students that we have in our community.  We are very fortunate in Reading to have both past and current educators who make such an impact with our students.

The next step for the School Committee is for them to vote which nominations will move forward to a subcommittee who will research each nomination and make a recommendation to the School Committee.  The subcommittee will consist of a member of the School Committee, a building principal, one member of the Board of Selectmen, one local business leader, one student representative, and one member of the historical commission.  If you would like to be on the subcommittee, contact the Superintendent’s Office at 781-944-5800.

Stepping Stones…..

1.   First Community Forum will be held this Tuesday-The first community forum will be held this Tuesday, November 9, at 6:30 p.m., at the Walter S. Parker Middle School.  At this forum, the new anti-bullying plan will be discussed, as well as, the FY12 budget process.  This forum will give the community an opportunity to give input on the Antibullying Plan and the FY12 budget process.  If you cannot attend this forum, we will have two additional forums; November 16 at Killam, and November 29 at the Superintendent’s Office. 

2.  Bullying Reporting Form is now online-As part of our anti-bullying plan, we now have an online reporting form to report any incidences related to bullying.  The form is found here or accessed on the district Edline website at http://www.edline.net/pages/ReadingPublicSchools.  This form can be submitted anonymously.  Once it is submitted, it will be sent to a secure email address where it will be forwarded to the appropriate building principal or administrator.  It should be noted that according to the new anti-bullying law, reports made anonymously will be investigated, but no disciplinary action will be taken against an alleged aggressor solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

Have a great week!

One thought on “A Celebration of Our Students and Educators

  1. Ok, Here’s to all the great guys on Reading Football. They played their hearts out and we are OH SO VERY proud. Go Reading!!!!! The marching band was phenomenal. We are extremely proud.

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