Reading Public Schools Fall Reopening Update 12

Good Afternoon Reading Public School Community,

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  Here is the latest Fall Reopening Update.  I apologize in advance for the large amount of information, however, we did receive a significant amount of information from the state this week that we want to share with you.

  1. New Teachers Begin This Week-We welcome all of the new teachers that have been hired thus far for the 2020-2021 school year.  Our new teachers will begin tomorrow morning with the traditional new teacher induction program.  Some of this program will be in person in the Performing Arts Center while the rest of it will be virtual or in the individual schools.  When you see or meet virtually one of our new teachers, please welcome them to our school community.
  2. Community Forums- With the change in the phase in schedule for our hybrid learning plan, I would like to give the community the opportunity to ask questions and hear information in forums this week.  The forums will be held on Zoom and will be held at the following dates and times:

Tuesday, August 25th at 4:00 p.m. (Zoom Link Below)

Wednesday, August 26th at 6:00 p.m. (Zoom Link Below)

Thursday, August 27th at 9:00 a.m. (Zoom Link Below)

3.  Commissioner Riley’s Briefing-On Friday, Commissioner Jeffrey Riley sent an update (see attached) on several items regarding the start of school, including remote teachers coming to school, allowing children of teachers to come in person both weeks, and allowing teachers to bring their children to school.  We are in the process of reviewing these latest recommendations to determine if this is something we can implement in our district.  Please note that most of these items are subject to collective bargaining.

4. Rapid Response Testing-We have received word from the Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office that local school officials, after consultation with public health authorities, will be able to request a state sponsored mobile testing unit to test a group of students and/or staff when a potential cluster of COVID-19 cases has been identified and transmission occurred within the school.  The purpose of the mobile rapid response unit is to provide testing of asymptomatic individuals who are not known to be a close contact, when there is evidence that COVID-19 transmission may have occurred within a classroom or school in the past 14 days.  We hope that we will not need to use this resource, however, it is comforting to know that this resource will now be available to us.  Please see the attached memo for more details.

5. Athletics-This past week, the MIAA and DESE released their recommendations for the Fall sports season and subsequent plans for winter and spring seasons.  This week, the Middlesex League will be meeting to discuss what the fall season will look like.  The links below provide informational documents for the upcoming athletic seasons.

EEA Guidelines released August 13, 2020

MIAA/DESE Joint Guidelines released August 18, 2020

MIAA COVID-19 Task Force slide presentation

MIAA COVID-19 Task Force Recommendations

6. Additional Guidance from DPH and DESE on Health Issues-This week we received additional health guidance from the state on several areas, including flu vaccinations, physicals, and vision and hearing screenings.  The biggest change is the new requirement for flu vaccination for all K-12 students starting with the 2020-2021 school year.  I have attached the information above.  We will put out more information in the upcoming weeks on this area.

In addition, DESE and DPH released additional information on refinements and updates to previously released DESE guidance, with a particular focus on protocols for responding to COVID-19 scenarios in school, on the bus, or in community settings. These refinements and updates are a result of questions that have come from the practical implementation of both DESE and DPH guidance, as well as from evolving medical and scientific findings related to COVID-19.

On the Desktop 8 21 20 Teachers in Remote Learning Districts Vulnerable Students Teachers’ Children Reg’l Calculations SOA Deadline

On the Desktop 8 20 20 Access to Mobile Testing

EOHHS School Health Reg Guidance Final 8 19 20

DESE-DPH Joint Memo 19Aug20 v.F


Family Survey #1 for 2020-2021 School Year

Good Afternoon, Reading Public School Families,

The Reading Public Schools is committed to providing the safest work and learning environment for our staff and students.  To that end, we are in the process of planning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. This is the first of at least two surveys that will be administered over the next several weeks regarding the opening of school.  This survey is anonymous and your responses will help inform us as we move forward with plans for a school opening.  Please note that school opening plans will be contingent upon guidance that we receive from CDC, DPH, and DESE.

The Link to the Survey is below.  Please complete one survey per family.   Multiple children per family may be answered on the same survey.  The deadline to complete the survey is Monday, June 22nd.

Thanks and have a great week!

Providing Accommodations for Students on Religious Holidays

Over the next several days, there will be teachers, students, and their families who will be celebrating and observing two major religious Jewish holidays where they will be missing school.  During this time, families will be attending temple services and gathering with families, either in person or remotely, during the evening hours.  The full School Committee Policy, IMDA and the implementation regulations, IMDA-R are found here. For planning purposes, the following upcoming holidays are recognized by the Reading Public Schools as major religious holidays:  

Rosh Hashanah:   Begins at sundown on Friday, September 18th and ends at sundown on Sunday, September 20th.     

Yom Kippur:  Begins at sundown on Sunday, September 27th and ends at sundown on Monday, September 28th.  

State and federal laws require schools to make reasonable accommodation to the religious needs of students in observance of holy days. With respect to students, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 151C, section 2B reads in relevant part as follows:  

“Any student in an educational or vocational training institution…who is unable, because of his religious beliefs, to attend classes or to participate in any examination, study or work requirement on a particular day shall be excused from any such examination or study or work requirement, and shall be provided with an opportunity to make up such examination, study or work requirement which he may have missed because of such absence on any particular day….No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any student because of his availing himself of the provisions of this section.”

As a result, the following accommodations will be in place for ALL students on the following dates:  

-No assignments will be due for any student the day of or the day after the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur holidays.  Therefore, there will be no assignments due in any classroom in the Reading Public Schools on September 21st, 28th, and 29th .

-No tests or quizzes will be scheduled on the days of Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur.  Therefore, there will be no tests or quizzes scheduled on September 28th.

-No one-time events such as field trips, music performances, theatre plays and productions, auditions, and back to school functions will be scheduled on the days or eves of Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur.  Therefore, there will be no one-time events scheduled on September 19th (evening), September 20th, September 21st, September27th and September 28th.    

Absences on Religious Holidays-Parents and students (if age appropriate) are encouraged to notify the school in advance when their child will be not be attending school because of religious or ethnic observance.   Discrimination against any student, because of such individual’s religious/ethnic belief or practice, or any absence based on said belief or practice is prohibited.  Any pupil absent from school because of a religious holiday may not be deprived of any award or eligibility or opportunity to compete for any award because of such absence;Students whose conscientious observance of a religious or ethnic holiday conflicts with participating in a school-scheduled event such as tryouts, athletic contests, theatricals, or concerts, will not be required to participate nor penalized for their non-participation;Any absence because of religious or ethnic holiday must be recorded as an excused absence for religious observance in the school register or in any group or class attendance record.Parents should follow the normal procedures when their child is going to be absent to observe the religious holiday and call the parent verification system at the school on the day of the absence or notify the school in advance by email, written note, or phone.  If a child is to receive an excused absence for religious observance, the parent must indicate that information in the correspondence with the school.  

If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.

Recovery Month Awareness Event Sponsored by the Reading Coalition for Prevention and Support

In honor of Recovery Month please join the Reading Coalition for Prevention & Support in celebrating those in recovery and spreading awareness about substance use disorders and treatment options.

National Recovery Month is a national observance held every September to educate the public that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with mental and substance use disorders to live healthy and rewarding lives.

On Friday September 18th we invite residents to drive by the Town Hall Parking Lot, located at 16 Lowell Street, between 11:30AM-1:00PM to collect a free Recovery Month Lawn Sign to display in their yard. Additionally, a limited number of Narcan dose kits will be available. Any resident who is interested in receiving a Narcan dose kit will receive on-site Narcan training. Available while supplies last.

During this drive-by event, Coalition staff will be masked and practicing social distancing. Participants in event are expected to follow current safety precautions to minimize COVID-19 risk.

If you have questions, or are interested in receiving a Lawn Sign but are unable to participate in the drive by event and need to schedule an alternative pick-up time, please contact Coalition Outreach Coordinator Samantha Salkin at

Reading Public Schools Fall Reopening Update 14

Good Afternoon, Reading Public School Families,

This Fall Update contains important Fall Reopening Information for the start of the school year on September 15th.  As we phase in more students into our schools, we will continue to send updated reopening information.  The Reading Public Schools Fall Reopening Update Page has all of the latest information regarding the Fall Reopening.

  • First Day Fliers-There are several first day fliers and forms for you to review.  You can access them here.  
  • School Opens on September 15thAfter six months, our buildings will be opening for our students.  We are very excited to have students back!  During this upcoming week, we will have several groups begin and we will begin our student orientation and book distribution.   On September 15th, our high needs students and preschool students will begin in person.  Kindergarten screening and student orientation for Grades 1-12 will begin on this day as well.  Your building principals will send out further detail.
  • Health Information-Please review the following health information from Director of Nurses Mary Giuliana.  For any student that will be coming to school, please review the following health screening : before coming to school each day and please notify your school nurse if your child has any health concerns we should be aware of while they are in the building.We have also attached an opt out form for the use of hand sanitizer.  
  • Videoconferencing Protocols and Procedures-With the increase emphasis on remote learning and videoconferencing, the Reading Public Schools has developed videoconferencing protocols and procedures.  You can access those and the updated Acceptable Use Policy, here
  • Food Distribution-The United States Department of Agriculture has extended the Seamless Food Distribution program for all students.  You can access the weekly dates and times for the distribution here.
  • Playgrounds-Recess and having access to playgrounds are a very important part of our preschool and elementary student’s day.  To that end, we will have our playgrounds available for recess during the school day.   We are going to follow the following guidelines for playground use:
  1. We will be following CDC guidelines (not DESE) which does not require frequent disinfecting.
  2. Facilities will be constructing hand sanitizer stations for each playground. 
  3. We will have students follow all mitigation safety protocols.
    1. Hand sanitizing before and after recess.
    2. Wear masks when using playground equipment.
    3. 6 feet physical distancing.
  • Special Education Information-Please review the following information from Director of Student Services Dr. Jennifer Stys.
  • School Calendar-The Reading Public School Calendar has been updated with color coded cohort A and B weeks.  You can access it here. Please note that once we phase into hybrid, we may have to switch to remote based on infection rates.  The cohort schedule on the calendar is to allow families to plan for the year.
  • Attendance-As noted in the Reading Public Schools Fall Reopening Plan, we will be having a full school schedule with regular school hours, regardless if it is remote or in person.  Attendance for our in person, hybrid, or remote programs will be required for all students.  It is the expectation that parents will make best efforts for the student(s) to be present during live lessons.  Attendance will be taken each class period at the middle and high school level and once in the morning and once in the afternoon at the elementary school level. If your child is going to be out sick, either in person or remote, please call the absentee line of your child’s school.

John F. Doherty, Ed.D.


Reading Public Schools


Reading Public Schools Videoconferencing Protocols and Procedures

With the increase use of videoconferencing this year, the Reading Public Schools have developed protocols and procedures regarding videoconferencing and recording of lessons.

The Reading Public Schools is dedicated to providing engaging and effective remote learning opportunities for our students.  As part of our remote learning opportunities, the District is offering these opportunities via a virtual platform. Prior to engaging in these virtual opportunities, the District seeks to clarify expectations around appropriate use of virtual technologies for educational opportunities.  For questions regarding school policies and procedures, please contact your child’s building principal.

  1. Parents should review and sign electronically on the portal the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Internet and Technology Use as soon as possible.  The documents can be found for viewing in the first day of school fliers located hereDuring this transition time, when students are accessing remote lessons the AUP is in effect for all students.
  2. Please note that during remote recorded or live telecommunication sessions, your child’s image and voice will be transmitted over the internet and into other students computers and homes, and that by allowing your child to participate in these telecommunication services you understand and consent to the dissemination of your child’s image and voice during these remote telecommunication sessions.
  3. The District strictly prohibits screenshots, pictures, downloading, audio/video recording and distribution of any virtual educational experience by students or parents in order to protect student privacy, proactively prevent potential cyberbullying, prevent the distribution of copyrighted materials and comply with Massachusetts law.   Please note that in Massachusetts, it is illegal to audio record another person through any medium without his or her knowledge.
  4. Teachers will record lessons when they are using Zoom or Microsoft Teams for synchronous teaching and learning.  Recorded instruction will be maintained by the teacher and will be available for instructional purposes using the protocol described below.   Teachers may determine that some lessons will not be made available to students and will not provide access.
  5. The District has made good faith efforts to ensure virtual platforms used comply with child Internet protection and confidentiality laws and do not sell, use or disclose any personally identifiable information or data for commercial purposes or to third parties. There are potential risks for Internet interruptions, unauthorized interruption by third party and technical difficulties. You can minimize the risk of breaches in confidentiality by not sharing any links, user name and passwords provided used for virtual opportunities access.  
  6. Students, and where appropriate parents/guardians, agree to engage in virtual educational experiences dressed appropriately, in a quiet, private area to the extent practicable given the circumstances, in order to minimize background noise and distractions and to protect the integrity of student engagement as well as student confidentiality.  It is the expectation that students use appropriate backgrounds for their virtual calls.
  7. The laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of your child’s personally identifiable information apply to virtual educational opportunities just as they do during an in-person services. Parents/guardians and other household members who normally are not privy to day-to-day classroom and group service discussions agree to respect and keep confidential any personal or private information (e.g. disability status) inadvertently discovered about other students due to proximity of virtual education.
  8. Parents and guardians agree that attendance in virtual education is necessary and required.  Parents will make best efforts for the student(s) to be present during live lessons.  Attendance will be taken each class period at the middle and high school level and once in the morning and once in the afternoon at the elementary school level. 

Protocol for Access to Recorded Lessons

  1. Teachers will use only Zoom or Microsoft Teams to record their lessons.
  2. Recorded instruction will be maintained by the teacher.
  3. Recorded lessons are available to the student for instructional purposes only and under the following guidelines. 
    • The student has been absent from virtual or in person lessons for several days due to illness that did not allow them to access virtual or in person instruction.  Medical documentation will be necessary to support this guideline.
    • The student has been struggling academically and it has been determined by the teacher that reviewing the recorded lessons would benefit the student’s academic progress.
    • Teachers may decide that other one time events (i.e. power outage or extra help session prior to an assessment) would be an appropriate reason to make a recorded lesson available.
  4. Since the expectation and requirement is that students attend all synchronous lessons, recorded lessons will not be available for general use.  If a student needs extra help on a particular topic, it is encouraged that the student/parent reach out to the teacher for additional academic support.
  5. If a student qualifies for one of the above categories, the teacher will contact the parent/guardian to make the lesson available to them.

Special Education Information for Beginning of School Year

Below is some information for families of students with disabilities. If you have any questions, please contact your team chair or Director of Student Services Jennifer Stys.

Office Hours with Special Education Administration-During the extended closure in the Spring of 2020 office hours were offered to families and we would like to continue to offer virtual office hours with Jennifer Stys, Director of Student Services and Allison Wright, Assistant Director of Student Services.  Office hours is a time for individual families to discuss questions and concerns regarding the implementation of their student’s IEP, their progress or to share positive feedback.  If you are interested in attending office hours, please sign up for a 15 minute block via the link below.  The dates/times of office hours are as follows: 

  • Friday 9/18, 10-11 am 
  • Wednesday 9/23 9-10 am 
  • Tuesday 9/29 2-3 pm 

Link to DOODLE Poll for Student Services Office Hours for the month of September 

Special Education Support-If you have any questions about your student’s IEP or services please reach out to our building Team Chairperson

SEPAC and Parent Resources=The SEPAC will be offering a basic special education rights training on October 13 at 7:00.  More information will be coming about this important event.

Important Health Information to Start the School Year

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back!  The Covid-19 pandemic has created many new concerns and challenges. As your school nurses, we are committed to providing students and staff with a safe and healthy learning environment.  Please take a few minutes to read the important information in this letter as we prepare for this academic year.

School Protocol:

  • Staff and students must wear masks/face coverings.  Specific time will be allotted by teachers for mask breaks during the day; these times will be physically distanced and follow safety protocols.
  • Masks must be 2-ply cloth.  Research has shown that the following options do not provide adequate protection so cannot be used; neck fleece, gaiters, bandanas, knitted masks, and masks with vents.
  • Please test the fit of your child’s mask.  It should cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly over the mouth and chin.  It should not gape on the sides.  Make sure your child can breathe comfortably wearing their mask.
  • Practice putting the face mask on and taking it off while avoiding touching the cloth.  Help your child recognize the importance of avoiding touching their mask while they are wearing it.

Health Information:

  • To prevent illness outbreaks, staff and students with any illness must stay home. We will err on the side of caution in our mission to keep everyone healthy and to keep schools open.
  • Every day before your student leaves home please note any of the following symptoms:
  • A cough or shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • A fever of 100°F or higher or chills
    • A sore throat or headache
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
    • Congestion/running nose – not related to seasonal allergies
    • Unusual fatigue
    • New loss of taste or smell  

In addition:

• Has your student been in close contact with anyone with suspected or confirmed Covid-19?

• Has your student had any medication to reduce a fever before coming to school?

The student must stay home from school if the answer to any of the above questions is “yes.”  If you are not sure whether your child should stay home, please contact the school nurse to discuss your child’s condition before sending your student to school.

Illness Protocol:

If a child is suspected to be ill with Covid-19 symptoms while at school, the following steps will be taken:

  • The student will be evaluated by the school nurse
  • If the nurse’s assessment confirms likely illness with symptoms consistent with Covid-19, the student will be cared for in an isolation area in the building
  • Parent or guardian will be asked to pick up their student within 30 minutes. 
  • Parent or guardian will be directed to have their student evaluated by a physician and tested if necessary, and will follow guidance for isolation if test is positive. If warranted, contacts of the student will be notified
  • If a provider makes an alternative diagnosis, student may return to school following the recommendations for the diagnosis and school protocol.

In order to protect students and staff, it is imperative that there be a timely dismissal plan for all students. Parents must provide a plan that ensures pickup within 30 minutes.  Be sure to update all contact information in the parent portal and make updates when it changes.

Start of school information:

  • We will require all immunizations per the CDC schedule. Additionally, it is required that all students receive an annual flu vaccine by 12/31/2020.
  • A physical exam with vision and preferably a hearing screening is required for kindergarten entry and students new to the school. Kindergarten entry also requires a documented lead test.
  • Please provide documentation for annual physical exams required in grades 4, 7 and 10.
  • Documentation of a telehealth visit may be accepted until an in-person appointment can be scheduled.
  • Telehealth appointments are not accepted as sports physicals.

Back to school preparation:

  • Please practice hand hygiene at home and talk to your student about the reasons for keeping hands clean.  Hand washing will be a routine part of their school day.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used when it is not possible to wash hands. If you would not like your student to use hand sanitizer, you may opt out using the attached form.
  • Label all materials, including your student’s masks, with permanent marker. Send in a labeled container that your student will use to hold their mask during mask breaks and snack/lunch.
  • Students must bring a filled water bottle to school every day.

Mary Guiliana

Director of Nurses

Important Information Regarding Meal Distribution for the start of the 2020-2021 School Year

September 2020

Dear Reading Public School Families,

While the return to school this fall is not what any of us envisioned, I want to assure you the Reading Schools Food Services is working hard to create a welcoming and safe environment to provide healthy meals for all Reading Public Schools students. We are so excited to provide our students with nourishing and nutritious meals that will support them, both in school and at home.

There will be some significant changes to the Food Service program this fall. The primary one is related to the payment system. In March, when our schools closed because of COVID-19, the USDA (the federal agency that oversees the nation’s school lunch and school breakfast program) allowed all schools in the US to provide meals at no cost to all students and then they extended that provision through the summer. A second extension was announced on August 31st and is set to expire on December 31st or when funds run out. What this means is ALL students will eat for free through this USDA extension period. All students, regardless of eligibility are able to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch every academic day until December 31st. We understand the vital importance of providing meals at no cost for all students across our community during this unprecedented time. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has requested that the USDA extend free meals for all students for the entire school year. However, no decision has been made by the USDA.

Families should still submit a household application to determine eligibility for free and reduced price school meals in order to qualify for any additional benefits as well as have a seamless transition when school meals transition to a paid school meal program. Therefore, we strongly encourage families to complete an application for free and reduced priced meals as soon as possible. The application is available to download at under Food Services.

In addition, we also encourage families to apply for SNAP benefits. SNAP provides monthly cash benefits (on an EBT card) to purchase groceries for eligible families. To apply for SNAP, visit DTA Connect at or call the Project Bread FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333. Families approved for SNAP are directly eligible to receive free meals at school.

Meal Distribution will be provided each Wednesday from 2:30 – 3:30 pm and Friday from 11 am – 12 noon at the bridge of Reading Memorial High School. Please reach out with any questions you might have. Your children are the reason we love our jobs and we are here to make sure that they are fueled with good food and ready to learn!


Danielle Collins

Food Service Director

School Committee Meeting This Evening

Good Evening,

There will be a School Committee meeting this evening at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held on Microsoft Teams at the link below.

Fall Reopening Update #13

Good Morning, Reading Public Schools Community,

I hope that you are enjoying the last few days before school begins.  I wanted to share with you some additional updates as we enter the Labor Day weekend.

  1. School Begins on Tuesday, September 15th-Our staff have been very engaged this week in health and safety, social emotional, equity, and technology training.  This training and preparation plans for the school year will continue next week.  School will begin for all students on Tuesday, September 15th.  During this week the following will be happening:
  • High Needs Students-Students who have been contacted for in person special education, ELL, or other services will begin on September 15th.  You will receive specific information from your building principal, special education administrator, or teacher regarding your child’s schedule if you are in this category.
  • Kindergarten Screening-Kindergarten screening will occur during September 15th-18th.  Your building principal will be contacting you regarding specific plans for the screening.  Because our kindergarten teachers will be engaged in the screening process all week, there will not be any in person or remote classes for our kindergarten students this week.  Kindergarten classes will begin on Monday, September 21st.
  • RISE Preschool-RISE Preschool will begin on September 15th.  Director Kelly Bostwick will be sending out more specific information next week.  Please note that because they will begin in person on September 15th, RISE will not have specific orientation sessions like the other levels.
  • Orientation-During the week of September 15th, we will be having in person orientation for Grades 1-12 with small groups of students and teachers at the schools.  This will be an opportunity for students and teachers to make connections, pick up materials, and get acquainted with the learning platform and technology.  The High School orientation and book distribution will extend into the week of the 22nd as well.

On the day that students have orientation, they will not have remote classes on that day.  Building Principals will be sending out more specific information next week.

  1. Attendance-As noted in the Reading Public Schools Fall Reopening Plan, we will be having a full school schedule with regular school hours, regardless if it is remote or in person.  Attendance for our in person, hybrid, or remote programs will be required for all students.  It is the expectation that parents will make best efforts for the student(s) to be present during live lessons.  Attendance will be taken each class period at the middle and high school level and once in the morning and once in the afternoon at the elementary school level. 

If your child is going to be out sick, either in person or remote, please call the absentee line of your child’s school.

  1. High School Athletics-The Middlesex League has announced the following information regarding High School Athletics for the fall:

Based on the recent most guidelines established by the EEA, DESE, MIAA, Middlesex League, and the Reading Public Schools the Middlesex League will be playing a modified fall athletic schedule.   School District approval will be forthcoming as the following is being proposed for the fall 2020 season:

  • Boys & Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Golf, and Cross Country will take place this Fall Season.  Tryouts/practices begin on Monday, September 21st.  
  • Football, Cheering, Girls Volleyball, and Girls Swim have been moved to Fall 2/Floating Season.  This will run from February 22nd to April 25th.
  • There will be a 10 game schedule for all Varsity Teams with the exception of Cross Country.  They will have 5 meets.  There will be a maximum of an 8 game schedule for all Sub-Varsity Teams.  (Again with the exception of Cross Country).
  • All games will be played on Saturdays (10/3 to 11/21) and on the October and November Holidays (10/12 & 11/11).  Golf will be played during the week based on availability of courses.  
  • We will compete against one school in all sports on the same weekend to limit the contact with other communities.
  • There will be no transportation provided to any games, home or away.
  • Varsity Teams will practice 3 times per week and Sub-Varsity Teams will practice 2 times per week.
  • There will be one fan permitted per student-athlete at each athletic contest.   
  • There will be more sport specific details to follow including online registration procedures. Please also look out for communication from individual coaches.  
  • All information above is subject to change.  
  1. Updated Tab on RPS Website for Fall Reopening-We have updated the Reading Public School District Website to include a separate page on Fall Reopening.  You can access all District Fall Reopening Information here.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

John F. Doherty


Reading Public Schools

82 Oakland Road

Reading, MA 01867